Earlier this month, we found out that Intel has decided to lay the smack down on the MeeGo platform by stopping all development for this operating system “temporarily”. Of course, Intel did not mention just how “temporary” this hiatus would be, or will it be a permanent one eventually, but they wanted to sugar-coat the situation?

Intel’s Systems Software Division manager Doug Fisher did mention that the company remains “committed” to the OS, but he is restricted to “only comment on what’s happening today.” Of course, the halting of MeeGo development did lead to rumors of Samsung possibly picking up Meego, but at least those rumors are refuted for now – after all, we do know that Samsung is not interested in webOS, so for them to purchase a different operating system instead of concentrating on their own (bada) does not seem too likely at the moment.

What do you think – will MeeGo be sold eventually to someone else who sees potential in it?

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