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MeegoPad T01 Shows Up Sans Licensed Copy Of Windows
When it comes to computing power, most of the smartphones that we hold in our hands already come with their fair share of juice, although I am quite sure that more can still be done. However, there seems to be a new “breed” of computers that might just cater to those who want something small – very small, such as the Intel Compute Stick, and the MeegoPad T01 would be […]

Nokia Kills Support For Symbian And MeeGo Apps
Over the past few years there have been a number of major changes at Nokia. The company diverted its attention from Symbian and MeeGo to focus exclusively on Windows Phone devices. It did end up clinching over 92 percent of the entire Windows Phone market, but the opted to sell its hardware division to Microsoft. Today the company has announced that its plan to kill support for Symbian and MeeGo […]

Nokia To Drop Symbian And MeeGo Support At End Of 2013
Nokia, who has been rolling out Windows Phone 8 smartphones for quite a while already (after all, technology does move along at a rather fast pace), has announced that they will no longer offer support for both Symbian and MeeGo operating systems from the end of this year onward. This should not come across as a surprise, especially when you consider how Intel themselves have stopped development for the MeeGo […]

Nokia N9 Users Petition Nokia For Updates And Bug Fixes
The Nokia N9 was the Finnish company’s first and last MeeGo handset, and so far based on the reviews we’ve come across, many have good things to say about it. So far N9 owners appear to be pretty pleased with their purchase, but the longer they use their device, they are starting to notice more bugs appearing. Unfortunately despite Nokia promising to provide support until 2015, it seems that nothing […]


Jolla to release custom Sailfish MeeGo version with hardware next month
Jolla is said to have plans to roll out a custom MeeGo version known as Sailfish alongside relevant hardware sometime next month. Having access to more than 200 million pounds of funding (that’s certainly a whole lot of money to play around with!), Jolla managed to rope in interested hardware partners and also achieved progress and improvements to the operating system. The Wall Street Journal reported that Jolla has also […]

Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean ported onto a Nokia N9
While the Nokia N9 might be Nokia’s first and last efforts at a MeeGo device, it certainly does not meant that developers for the handset have given up entirely as well. As you can see in the photo above, one particular developer has uploaded the picture onto his Twitter account, clearly showing what appears to be Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean running on the N9. We can’t tell if this is […]

Jolla intends to keep the MeeGo flag flying
Just last week, we talked about Nokia parting ways with MeeGo, but is that the end of the operating system platform? Yes, we do know that Nokia will no longer be manufacturing any more smartphones that will run on the Linux-based MeeGo platform any more, but Jolla is another company that has stepped up to the plate, and has every intention of keeping this particular mobile software platform up and […]

MeeGo kisses goodbye to Nokia
Parting can be such sweet sorrow, and here we are at the end of the road for the MeeGo team over at Nokia. Head of Development of MeeGo Sotiris Makrygiannis did share word that their team will no longer be available to work alongside Nokia. Just to recap, the team over at MeeGo are the very same folks who are behind numerous devices such as the N770, N800, N810, N900, […]

Nokia N9 receives major update with almost 1,000 bug fixes
If you thought your Nokia N9 was full of problems, fret not – most of them should be solved with the newly released Nokia N9 firmware 1.3. According to reports online, the software update which was released today features almost 1,000 bug fixes which should make your MeeGo using experience a more enjoyable one. In addition to the plethora of bug fixes, the update is said to improve copy and […]

Wazzap! is a Whatsapp port for the Nokia N9
MeeGo is by no means a bad platform, but in the face of the competition from iOS and Android, we guess MeeGo simply could not compete. This has prompted Nokia to drop the MeeGo platform after releasing the Finnish company’s first and last MeeGo handset, the Nokia N9 whose design inspired both the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900 Windows Phone handsets.

Nokia N9 receives MeeGo 1.2
Are you a proud owner of the Nokia N9? If you answered in the affirmative, then here is some good news for you – the Nokia N9 has finally received the MeeGo 1.2 update, so those who have yet to activate their N9, now would be a good day to do so – pronto! The entire update weighs in at 284MB, where it should roll out worldwide if I am […]

Nokia N9 could receive Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich port
The Nokia N9 is the company’s first and last MeeGo product. The device itself sports a rather interesting design with decent specs to boot, and for Android fans around the world, if you wished that Nokia had gone with Android instead of Windows Phone, you might be in luck as developer Alexey Roslyakov, who is part of the NITDroid team, has revealed via his Twitter what appears to be Android […]

White Nokia N9 now official, current N9 to receive a software update
Despite the N9 being Nokia’s first and last MeeGo phone, it looks like the company won’t be leaving it alone. Today, Nokia announced that it will be releasing a white variant of the N9, and for folks who already own an N9 phone – they will be getting a software update in the future as well. The software update includes usability improvements (i.e. music controls from the lock screen and […]

OpenMobile's ACL will let Android apps run on MeeGo devices
In the world of smartphones in this day and age, apps are everything. Sure, companies could put forth devices with amazing hardware specifications, but if there is lack of support for apps then your fancy, souped up smartphone is pretty much only good for phone calls, text messages and surfing the web. The amount of apps available for both iOS and Android is probably one of the reasons that both […]

HTC considering purchase of a mobile operating system
With the Google acquiring Motorola’s cellphone division, it’s not surprising that other Android handset makers may be a bit cautious over their future. Sure, for now it looks like operations as per usual, but what about the future? While there’s no indication that Google has plans to close off Android to other manufacturers, it still remains a possibility regardless how small it may seem, which is why it’s not surprising […]

Intel: MeeGo not for sale
Earlier this month, we found out that Intel has decided to lay the smack down on the MeeGo platform by stopping all development for this operating system “temporarily”. Of course, Intel did not mention just how “temporary” this hiatus would be, or will it be a permanent one eventually, but they wanted to sugar-coat the situation?Intel’s Systems Software Division manager Doug Fisher did mention that the company remains “committed” to […]

Intel stops MeeGo OS development
Digitimes of Taiwan has stepped forward to claim that Intel intends to “temporarily discontinue development of its MeeGo OS”, and when it comes to the word “temporarily”, we sure hope Intel means it and not change the meaning to a permanent absence. Still, this piece of news does not bode well for MeeGo, especially after Nokia withdrew from the MeeGo OS initiative in February earlier this year, leaving Intel all […]

Unlocked Nokia N9 sold on Amazon US
When the Nokia N9 was released, we’re sure that quite a few cheers went up from fans of the MeeGo platform along with several Nokia fans as well. Those cheers probably died down real fast when Nokia announced that the N9 would be the Finnish company’s first and last MeeGo device.

MeeGo shown off on video
Well since the Nokia N9 won’t be making its way over to certain parts of the world, including the US, not everybody will have the luxury of getting to play around with the MeeGo smartphone; save the handful of people who are willing to get the phone flown in from another country. Well, for those of us who aren’t willing to go through so much trouble – there’s always YouTube.

Nokia N9 won't be available in America at launch
For those of you in the US waiting to get your hands on Nokia’s first (and last) MeeGo phone, the N9 – we’ve got some bad news for you. The folks over at Engadget recently got in touch with Nokia to determine a shipping date for the phone, and they’ve just received the terrible news: the N9 won’t be available in the USA – at least not at launch date, […]