When it comes to product names, having too many of them swimming around can get quite confusing after a while, especially when you throw in a mixture of numbers and letters. Well, good thing the LG Marquee does not toy with your mind in that way, as it has been more or less confirmed to be the LG Optimus Black – which name do you think is cooler that you would like to call it by?

The LG Marquee is all set to arrive on Sprint, courtesy of Sprint Cellebrite data. Cellebrite allows one to see information on upcoming handsets before they actually arrive, and the LG Marquee was caught in the master list, being listed as model LS-855, which incidentally is also an Android-powered smartphone which is otherwise known as the Optimus Black.

Too bad the phone’s existence is confirmed, but there is nothing else from there to move on – especially when it comes to hardware specifications, pricing and a release date.

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