Don’t we all love family photos? Well, we do know that while Motorola has not been too successful with their Xoom tablet, but that has not stopped to company from coming up with something interesting – the sequel that is obviously known as the Xoom 2. There is yet another leak of the Xoom 2, where it will feature not one – but two Xoom 2 tablets, sporting a closer look at the rear-facing buttons which were making rounds sometime last week.

These buttons do seem to point towards being a power button as well as a volume rocker, where the smaller model between the two will feature the same “Fleming” name that was spotted earlier, not to mention carrying a similar 8.2″ screen size. It will be roughly as thick as the iPhone 4, boasting LTE compatibility to boot.

Apart from that, both tablets will also run on Android 3.2 Honeycomb so there is no need to worry about waiting for an operating system update in the meantime upon taking it out from the box. A 5-megapixel HD camera is located at the back to capture photos and videos, but it has been said that both prototypes are “buggy as all hell, with frequent reboots and crashes.” Guess that means it will take a while before the Xoom 2 hits the streets.

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