You can say that id Software does not churn out shovelware – no sir, each project is a labor of love, and their projects take plenty of time to be released into the market simply because of the amount of meticulous work that is put inside. Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, you name it – all of them are classics in their own right. Well, Rage, the upcoming FPS from id Software, is ready to hit the market on the same day as the iPhone 5 (which is October 4th) in the US, while folks living across the pond will need to wait for another 3 days.

It seems that there is official word from id Software concerning the number of discs and install size of the game both the Xbox 360 and PS3, where the latter will have an easier time with the game as it arrives on a single Blu-ray disc, taking up 8GB of hard drive space during the installation process. Seems huge for a console (computer owners have long gotten past the shock factor), but the benefit you receive in return would be shorter load times during play.

As for Xbox 360 owners, you will have three DVDs to take care of, and even more pain can be expected when you install the game since it takes up to 22GB of space on your Xbox 360. id Software has addressed this issue by letting you install sections at a time if you so desire. Nice to know no disc-swapping is involved since the game was designed in different modules to fit on different discs.

Are you ready for some Rage?

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