Sick of getting your headphone cables tangled up in knots? Do you hate spending minutes in frustration trying to untie those darned knots? There are a few solutions in aiding with tangled headphone cables, but in terms of simplicity and elegance, it looks like Sinch could be a worthy contender.

Designed by frog, Since is basically an elastic band that has been fitted with magnets. It then slips into the audio connector on your phone or MP3 player device and lies flat on the back of your device when not in use, as pictured above.

When it’s time to put away your headphones, for the most part people usually just end up winding the cables around their phone or MP3 player as it is the most convenient way of stowing it away, but more often than not, thanks to movement in your bag or pocket, it usually ends up being a messy affair.

However with Sinch, all you have to do is wrap your cables around your device as you normally would, and then through the use of the magnet strips, you fasten it all together, ensuring that the cables stay in place. While we can’t speak for its effectiveness as we have yet to try it for ourselves, if you’re interested in a cheap solution to fixing tangled headphones, the Sinch is available for $15.99 and will be available in black or white.

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