Star Trek Online
As most of you Trekkie gamers would know – the Star Trek Online MMO is going to be a free to play game before the end of the year, following the footsteps of numerous titles that have adopted a similar model recently. Cryptic, the developer, has just released more information about the game when it becomes free to play. According to the recently put up page with the details, all missions, levels and zones will be available to free players, including the daily quests and missions created by paying members.

Sounds great, but what’s left for the people who pay for the game then? Premium players will gain access to The Foundry, access to more bridge officer slots, the ability to join a guild, unlimited use of in-game chat and email features, priority login, veteran rewards,  and a monthly wage of 400 Promotional Points for making in-game purchases.

It sounds like the free to play subscription will be great for players who just want to enjoy the game without getting too competitive, while paying players will probably have the upper hand when it comes to PVP (player vs player) battles. Check out the complete features list here. Will any of you be playing Star Trek Online when it goes free to play?

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