Skycast Solutions intends to introduce a new way to keep passengers entertained whenever they hop on a long haul flight – through the new TrayVu IFE (In Flight Entertainment) system, which is the first IFE system in the world that has been integrated into the tray table. Yes sir, that tiny table that you pop open (in Economy Class anyways) to eat your meals on will now offer an improved onboard customer experience.

After all, the current nature of the airline market is extremely competitive to say the least, so if an airline is able to differentiate itself from the rest through a unique selling point, then it might just bring over customers who have long been sitting on the fence, frequent flier points or not.

This is the only tray-integrated IFE system in the world, where it weighs less than 2lbs for each seat, and costs a fraction of what seat-back systems do, while running on the highly customizable Android platform. It is also easy to maintain, as all you need to do to swap the unit is deal with the couple of screws and a plug. Best news of all for airlines who want to take this route? No seat modifications are required, as your passengers will soon enjoy touchscreen capability on this 8.9″ HD resolution display. [Press Release]

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