BodyMetricsIt looks like the days of purchasing clothes that don’t fit properly are coming to an end (especially if you’re purchasing them online). The folks over at Bodymetrics have come up with the world’s first retail full 3D body scanner – a machine that makes use of eight PrimeSense 3D sensors to map the measurements and shape of a person’s body. Users can then store their shape and measurements online, which means that it can be easily accessed by retailers all over the world.

When users are purchasing clothes online, authorized retailers can access this body information and provide customers with a selection that fits them perfectly.  Talk about convenience and never having to deal with returning items or selling them off cheap just because you can’t get into them. The Bodymetrics body scanner recently made its debut at New Look, a global clothing retailer, at their newest location in the Westfield Stratford shopping complex. Expect it to show up in more locations soon.

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