TGIF! I know that the work day has just begun for those of you in the East Coast, and Friday’s one day away, but that doesn’t mean you cannot entertain some thoughts of fixing the Ejection Seat Office Chair to replace that of your boss’ current chair. This unique device is said to come from the real deal – a Royal Navy strike aircraft, but I guess the ejection function no longer works. How nice it would be if the pressure from the top management gets unbearable, and with a push of the button, you can send your immediate superior flying through several floors up – or out through the window.

Of course, seating on this yourself might just cause the higher powers that be to pause and wonder why they have mistreated you all this while despite being an indispensable part of the company, leading to them giving you a raise and a promotion in addition to other managerial perks so that you won’t be tempted to see if the Ejection Seat Office Chair still works as originally intended.

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