If you’ve ever wondered what Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich would look like on a tablet, the folks down at The Verge have managed to simulate the look of Android’s latest OS on a potentially larger screen, tablets for example.

The latest build of Android is meant to bridge the gap between Gingerbread and Honeycomb, with the latter being designed solely for tablets and the former able to run on both phones and certain tablets. What the folks at The Verge discovered was that within the SDK of Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich lay an emulator. What the emulator did was allow the user to pick various screen sizes that are larger than your phone.

In this case they decided to attempt to simulate what Ice Cream Sandwich would look like on a tablet, and we have to admit that based on the screen shots (pictured above, more of which can be found at the source link) it looks pretty darn good. Granted it’s a bit empty at the moment and perhaps not perfect, we’re guessing that in time Google will tweak it further and refine it for the next-generation of Android tablets.

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