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Google Fit Preview SDK Available
Both Google and Apple have definitely grown to rival one another across many fronts, regardless of whether they happen to be software or hardware based. Word went around that Google would come up with a Healthkit rival prior to Google I/O kicking off this year, and a semblance of such an indirect competitor arrived in the form of Google Fit. Well, we are pleased as punch to bring you word […]

Pebble Watch SDK Arriving In April 2013
The Pebble Watch, a so-called smart watch that was supposed to take the world by storm, did not really manage to capture the imagination of the masses, never mind that it has long picked up more than enough dough required to launch on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding site. Having said that, developers will be able to grab hold of a proof-of-concept software developer’s kit (SDK) for the Pebble Watch from as […]

Kinect Will Soon Replace Your Mouse With Your Hands
Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox is expected to have its Kinect heavily integrated into the system, but the company is looking past the home console market to have computers rely on it as well.Microsoft’s TechFest is going on this week and the company is showing an updated version of its SDK which will introduce some new hand-gesture functionality to their programs. The new SDK will allow developers to have the user pinch-to-zoom with […]

Google Supplies iOS Developers With Updated Maps SDK
We think it’s safe to say Google Maps is probably the most popular map tool available these days, especially on iOS due to the the many, many inaccuracies Apple Maps offers to iOS users. Considering how popular Google Maps is on iOS, it’s still a pain in the rump when you click on an address inside of an application to have it launch Apple Maps instead of Google Maps.Google today is announcing […]


Apple Television SDK in May 2013? [Analyst]
Analyst Peter Misek is making the news today as he has published a round of predictions (speculations) concerning Apple. This one concerns Apple’s HDTV (let’s call it iTV), and according to Mr. Mysek, Apple is going to introduce a software development kit (SDK) that would support a 42″ to 55″ iTV product. We take it that Peter Mysek means that Apple will *secretly* introduce the SDK to a very small […]

Windows Phone 7.8 SDK Update Now Available
Microsoft has just released a Windows Phone SDK update for Windows Phone 7.8. It’s basically an optional update that brings two new Windows Phone 7.8 emulator images to the already existing SDK installation. This is good news for developers as the two images should enable them to fully test how their Windows Phone 7.5 app’s Live Tiles will look and behave when they are running on a device running Windows […]

Windows Phone 8 SDK Released at BUILD
Microsoft just made its Windows Phone 8 SDK public at the BUILD developer conference. The new SDK brings much expected (and awaited) features like native C++ code and overall compatibility with the Windows 8 SDK.This new SDK is much (much!) better than the Windows Phone 7 SDK, which required all code to be written in C#. This was without a doubt a “no-go” for developers who had a huge C++ […]

Sifteo Cubes SDK launched
The Sifteo Cubes were first put up for pre-order in August last year, and by the time it hit the end of August this year, it seems that a next generation of Sifteo Cubes is in tow. Well, good news for fans of these intelligent cubes – if you are a budding or seasoned developer, you will be able to wrap your hands around a powerful new SDK (Software Development […]

Amazon GameCircle Gives Developers Access to Amazon Customers and New APIs
Amazon just launched GameCircle, a new service for game developers that gives some social abilities to games via leaderboards which keep tabs with everyone’s scores and makes things a little more competitive. On an individual basis, GameCircle will also track players accomplishments to keep them engaged with the game so they come back and play… one more time.Finally, it introduces a sync mechanism so that games can synchronize the current […]

PlayStation Suite SDK beta registration is now open
Listen up if you’re a developer and have already cast an eye on the Android and/or PlayStation Vita platforms – consumer electronics giant Sony has just announced that their PlayStation Suite SDK beta is now open for registration, where it will enable developers who qualify build apps (read: games) for both the Android and Vita platforms. Originally talked about at the Tokyo Game Show just a couple of months ago, […]

Evoluce SDK for Kinect released
Heard of Evoluce before? Neither have I until I received the press release in my inbox, and after taking some time to digest what they have sent, it can be safely concluded that the Evoluce SDK for Kinect is now available so that developers are able to roll out non-commercial applications that will feature a natural user interface. Basically, this SDK will not only be meant for Kinect but the […]

Kinect for Windows gets a new website and updated SDK
It looks like Microsoft is having a real busy week with Kinect – earlier this week it launched the “Kinect Effect” website and announced its upcoming commercial program. Today, on the day of the Kinect’s first birthday, it launched a brand new Kinect for Windows website. The revamped website features more information about the Kinect for Windows commercial program that’s coming early next year (something you business folk might want […]

Samsung S Pen SDK ready to roll out to developers
I understand that HTC have their Scribe technology which first debuted with the HTC Flyer, allowing you to jot down all of your thoughts onto your tablet as though you were using a pen. Well, Samsung thinks that there is room for improvement – or they figured out that having a stylus in the future is something worth devoting their resources to, hence the announcement that the Samsung S Pen […]

Ice Cream Sandwich ported onto the Nexus One
Earlier today we reported that the Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 SDK was ported over to the Nexus S 4G, but for those still on their Nexus One handsets, it looks like porting Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 over to your device may not be such a ludicrous idea after all, based on the video below.

Ice Cream Sandwich SDK ports kick off, Nexus S 4G first to receive it
The Ice Cream Sandwich SDK has been released, so you can brace yourself to be on the receiving end of a bunch of SDK-based ROM ports, although not all of them are guaranteed to work 100% in every way. It seems that Beezy’s labor of love has resulted in the Nexus S 4G being the first non-Galaxy Nexus smartphone to run Ice Cream Sandwich – unofficially, of course. Bear in […]

How does Android Ice Cream Sandwich look like on a tablet? Pretty good.
If you’ve ever wondered what Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich would look like on a tablet, the folks down at The Verge have managed to simulate the look of Android’s latest OS on a potentially larger screen, tablets for example. now available on Android
When it comes to making purchases on our smartphones, sometimes keying in the credit card details can be quite cumbersome due to the nature of on-screen keyboards, which can cause you to backspace multiple times. Apart from mobile payment solutions such as Google Wallet, there are alternatives such as

Diffbot API uses visual learning to parse web content
Diffbot making its visual learning application programming interface (API) available to developers who want to create apps that need to understand the structure of web pages in an efficient way. Traditionally, developers who wanted to understand a web page would start by looking at its code. From there, many algorithms can be used to extract information like an article content, an author name etc… However, because each page’s HTML code […]

Samsung bada 2.0 SDK released
While bada might not be the biggest deal over in this part of the world, it does have its place in the European and Asian market. Samsung has just announced the SDK for the latest version of the operating system. First shown off at MWC 2011 in February this year, the updated SDK takes advantage of a lot of new features and improvements that are introduced in bada 2.0.

Crytek to release CryENGINE 3 SDK for free
Most, if not all, FPS (first person shooter) gamers know about game company Crytek who has produced games such as Far Cry and Crysis, both of which featured stellar graphics and immersive gameplay. If you did not already know, both games were created using Crytek’s very own engine, CryENGINE, and if you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on the SDK, it looks like your chance is here.