[CEATEC 2011] Remember the KDDI device that we gave a go yesterday? Well, part of the technology that was used in that smartphone was the Kyocera Touch Display Click – and here is a more detailed description on how the entire thing works. It is different from the KDDI handset, as the demonstration unit came with 7 levels of pressure, ensuring individual User Interface elements that your eyes see on the display will be able to be pressed further and further whenever you choose to apply more force.

It is rather hard to explain the feeling of it, apart from the fact that the brain is fooled into thinking that the finger is actually going deeper into a rather tough and solid looking display. I’m now looking forward to the day when such displays are malleable enough to make this kind of user interface technology all the more realistic, how about you? It would be interesting to see how this kind of displays change the way we interact with touchscreen-based games in the future.

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