There are plenty of water-resistant smartphones out there. However the general idea behind these phones isn’t so much that you should go swimming or bathing with it, but rather if it does get wet, you don’t have to worry about it getting spoilt. That being said it turns out over in Japan, they are taking water-resistant phones to a whole new level.

Kyocera has recently announced a new phone called the Digno Rafre. This is a smartphone on the surface, but what can only be described as its unique selling point is the fact that it can be washed with soap and water. This means that in the event that it gets dirty, instead of merely wiping it down, go ahead and give it a good scrub and it should still remain relatively intact.

The company is also boasting that the display of the phone has a touch panel that when wet will continue to work. It also comes with a finish that can apparently heal itself from scratches, similar to what LG has included in some of its devices previously. The phone also comes with Kyocera’s Smart Sonic Receiver, a bone conducting technology that provides audio without the need for a speaker.

Overall we suppose it does seem like a novel device, but if you’re the sort that hates dirt and germs, especially when you lend your phone to someone else, then perhaps a phone that can withstand a good cleaning every now and then might be a good idea.

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