Laptop owners, if you bought a small a compact laptop for portability, such as those in the 11” or 13” variety, but still feel like you could use an extra monitor, Sideline has recently updated their CINQ portable laptop monitor, which essentially would allow you to work with two screens at once.

The original CINQ was announced last year during CES 2010 and was sold during Q3 of 2010, but for those who felt that its resolution was a bit outdated in our world of HD displays, Sideline has not disappointed by updating the latest version of CINQ from 1024×600 to 1280×720 for 720p HD viewing. Much like the original, it will come with a single USB connection to connect to your laptop for power.

It will come with a lid raid and rail clamp that will allow you to clamp it onto your laptop’s lid along with a built in SD card reader. For those who prefer viewing in portrait mode as opposed to landscape, CINQ also features auto-rotation, and all of this can be had for $249 which you can pick up from Sideline’s website.

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