Has any of you out there not played any game from id Software? Anyone? I suppose that during one time or another in your life, you would have crossed paths with John Carmack’s programming genius, whether it was killing Nazis in Castle Wolfenstein, or shooting imps and demons in Doom, or even making rocket jumps in Quake, your gaming experience has been enhanced by what Carmack delivered in code. Well, the big man recently tweeted that Doom 3’s engine, known as id Tech 4, is being prepared for an open source release – as it awaits clearance from their legal department, at least according to Carmack’s tweet.

It would be interesting to see just what kind of mods would become available with the open source release, not to mention other kinds of tweaks and perhaps an entirely new direction with the engine by enthusiasts and fans of programming. I wonder what else does Carmack have up his magical sleeves to thrill us in the future.

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