Getting your employees to turn up for work on time can be quite the challenge, and it really depends on the management to manage them well. Kronos has a new time clock known as the Kronos InTouch that is said to reshape the way organizations think about, and employees interact with, their workforce management solutions. Touted to be extremely easy to use, this device will combine the latest hardware with a powerful user interface, sporting a color touchscreen display and language hotkeys that deliver an unprecedented level of personalization.

InTouch will allow employees to check accrual balances, request time off, and view schedules all in real-time, helping organizations be far more efficient in terms of workforce management solution. Not only that, the InTouch device can also be configured to help prevent punching outside scheduled start and stop times, while ensuring that employees’ timecards are as accurate as they can be.

This is also the first time clock that was built for the cloud, where it will function securely and easily over the Internet and even through firewalls. Interested? The Kronos InTouch will come in Chinese (traditional and simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish languages. I wonder if the boss will be getting one of these for the Ubergizmo team… [Press Release]

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