Republic Wireless, definitely one of the smaller mobile carriers around, will soon offer an unlimited data plan. Yes, that’s right, for a mere $19 each month, you will be able to rock your device to unlimited text, data and voice. The reason why Republic Wireless is able to offer such low rates? That is because their phones will rely on a special ‘Hybrid Calling’ system which will feed off Wi-Fi connectivity whenever possible, only to fall back to cellular connections should there be no Wi-Fi connection. For the moment, the initial cellular partner would be Sprint, but Republic Wireless is clearly working to include other carriers as part of their fallback option. After all, every good plan needs a backup as you can never tell just when Murphy might strike.

Other key new details on this unlimited data plan include their first handset on offer – which is a modified version of the LG Optimus, where it will be powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread, retailing for $199 a pop sans contract – although it will be going for a Benjamin less through November 27th as part of an ongoing promotion. Oh yeah, with no termination fees involved, don’t you think that this is a sweet offer? Imagine that, you can text, talk and download till the cows come home, without worrying about overages or roaming fees for good. Sounds like the perfect plan in this economically challenging times – don’t you think so?

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