Bad news for those looking forward to Runic Games’ Torchlight 2 game as it appears as though the game may have been delayed. The game was originally intended for a release some time this year, but a recent blog post by Runic Games’ Travis Baldree has revealed that the game will be delayed. The reason behind this delay is due to Runic Games’ efforts to try and iron out as many kinks as possible before its release.

“The first Torchlight was released in record time, but it had plenty of issues that a little more development could have resolved. We didn’t have the resources at the time to give Torchlight that treatment. Right at this moment though, we do have those resources for the sequel, and we feel strongly that we should apply them to make this the best game we can make and hopefully one that you’ll enjoy and continue to want to play in the future. We’ve probably had 18 months of full development time on it so far – not excessively long yet, as far as that goes. The amount of time we need to take it the rest of the way is relatively small.”

Sounds like some Blizzard’s attention to detail have followed both Max and Erich Schaefer over to Runic Games, and for those unfamiliar with Blizzard’s games, that’s definitely a good thing! The first Torchlight game was initiallylikened to Blizzard’s hack-and-slash RPG Diablo, but has since managed to cultivate a following of their own, and for those looking forward to Torchlight 2, 2012 seems like a safe bet as to when the game will be released.

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