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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 Delayed; Pre-Orders Hope To Be Fulfilled On April 27
It looks like that guy who had a truck filled with Samsung Galaxy S4s that was supposed to drop off the devices over at T-Mobile was also in charge of getting those phones over to Sprint as they have just announced the Galaxy S4 is being delayed on their network as well.The Samsung Galaxy S4 was expected to be made available on Sprint’s network starting April 27, but today, Spring says […]

HTC One Delay Caused Due To Camera Shortages
Late last week, HTC announced it plans to release its HTC One in the U.S. “before the end of April” after its official delay had been confirmed a few weeks prior. Many people were speculating what could be the cause of the delay, with some reports coming in the company’s manufacturers no longer considering HTC a “tier one customer.” Rather than let rumors continue as to why the HTC One was delayed, HTC […]

HTC One Releasing In The U.S. 'Before The End Of April'
For everyone in the U.S. outside of Verizon Wireless, the HTC One was been officially delayed from being released. HTC has yet to reveal just what exactly is holding the device up from being in the hands of U.S. consumers, with rumors pointing at the issue being HTC no longer being considered a “tier one” customer. Today, the company sent out a note with an updated timeline when we could except the HTC […]

HTC One Global Release Delayed To April
We caught wind of the HTC One possibly being delayed last week due to HTC struggling with the manufacturing process of its flagship device. It seems those rumors have been proven to be true as HTC has released a statement delaying the launch of their HTC One.“We will start fulfilling pre-orders by end March in certain markets and will roll out to more markets as we approach April,” HTC said in […]


Razer Blade delayed until next year
Uh oh, it sure doesn’t look like a good holiday period for Razer. After announcing that its Razer Tiamat headphones were being delayed until January 2012, it looks like the company will have another delayed product as well. The Razer Blade gaming laptop that was promised to arrive in time for Christmas? It’s not going to be on time anymore. Razer’s CEO, Min-Liang Tan, recently posted a note on Facebook […]

Lenovo ThinkPad X130e delayed until February 2012
Are you one of those who have been looking forward to a spanking new Lenovo ThinkPad X130e? Well, sorry to be a wet blanket by bringing this bit of news, but its seems that the Lenovo ThinkPad X130e will not be making it to your home before the year is over, missing out on the original December 20th shipping date, but rather, you can only start to place orders for […]

RIM delays Blackberry 10 devices until "latter part" of 2012
RIM seems to be betting the bank on their new Blackberry 10 platform and its accompanying selection of Blackberry 10 smartphones and tablets as a way of regaining some of their former glory. However it looks like it will only be the later part of 2012 when we can start seeing what RIM has up their sleeves.

Torchlight 2 delayed possibly until 2012
Bad news for those looking forward to Runic Games’ Torchlight 2 game as it appears as though the game may have been delayed. The game was originally intended for a release some time this year, but a recent blog post by Runic Games’ Travis Baldree has revealed that the game will be delayed. The reason behind this delay is due to Runic Games’ efforts to try and iron out as […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus could be delayed in the UK
Heads up UK residents, if you were hoping to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus come 17th of November, you could be in for a disappointment. It seems that according to Amazon UK’s Galaxy Nexus Page along with reports of customers receiving emails from Amazon, the release date for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been pushed back to the 2nd of December at the very earliest.

Nintendo Wii U expected to launch late 2012
If you were looking forward to getting your hands on the Nintendo Wii U next year, the good news is that it appears to still be on track for a 2012 release, but if you were hoping to get it in the earlier part of the year then you’ll be in for a disappointment. It looks like the Nintendo Wii U is poised for a release only in late 2012.

Sony NEX-7 launch postponed due to floods in Thailand
If you have been looking forward to getting your hands on Sony’s brand new NEX-7 camera or their A65 DSLR camera, you may be out of luck. It seems that the recent floods in Thailand have affected the production of Sony’s cameras, which has forced the company to cut its production of the Sony A65 and postpone the launch of the NEX-7.

Blackberry Curve 9350 coming to Sprint 2nd October
Much like T-Mobile’s Blackberry Curve 9360 was rumored for a September 14th release, Sprint’s Blackberry Cure 9350 was also supposed to see a release on the 9th of September but both devices have been delayed. Now the good news for those who have been looking to get their hands on the Blackberry Curve 9350 is that the device has been officially given a release date along with its pricing, assuming […]

Diablo III release to be delayed till early 2012
Fans of Blizzard who have been eagerly anticipating the release of Diablo III will be disappointed to find out that the game will be delayed until early 2012. According to a press release on the company’s website, it was announced that the game would only see a release in the early part of 2012.

AT&T LG Thrill 4G delayed again
Looking forward to getting your hands on the LG Thrill 4G? We’ve got some bad news for you – the phone’s release has been delayed – again. Originally scheduled to arrive this weekend on August 21st, the release date of the Android smartphone has been pushed back to September 4th. While it’s not much of a delay, it’s still a delay, and for every day the phone doesn’t arrive is […]