Another day, another robot is revealed to usher us into the world of Skynet, and possibly Armageddon. All right, I might be a wee bit dramatic here with a rather dismal view of the future, but who knows what the future might bring with the advancements that we make in the world of robotics? The BHR-3 is a humanoid robot that hails from the Beijing Institute of Technology’s Institute of Intelligent Robotics, boasting an exoskeleton which certainly has done little to shed its association with its predecessors. Standing at around 170cm tall, the BHR-3 will tip the scales at less than 60kg, and will be cable-free, being capable of performing programmed routines such as tai chi exercises and making simple movements including walking forwards, backwards, and side to side. The main point of the BHR-3? To have it see action as a high-tech promotional model for display at museums, tech shows, and various venues.

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