I do not quite get it – doesn’t being bankrupt mean you would have to spend every last penny that you earn to clear off the backlog of debts accumulated over the fat years? Apparently not, as American Airlines who filed for bankruptcy recently still managed to discover a secret stash of cash somewhere, letting their First Class passengers enjoy some quality time with spanking new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1s on flights between major international airports. These tablets will be specially programmed to come with an entire slew of entertainment options on the flight. To put it mildly, the Samsung Galaxy Tabs will be the new First Class entertainment system.

Movies, TV shows and music channels will be put up on offer at first, and from next year onwards, those who are rich enough to tote around on First Class will also be able to enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity, games, and e-books. Hopefully they have a decent tablet holder that works great during long haul flights.

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