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You Can Now Stream Apple TV+ Shows On American Airlines Flights
Apple TV+ has a long way to go before it can challenge the likes of Netflix or Hulu, but it seems that Apple has scored a pretty good deal with American Airlines. It seems that the next time you fly American Airlines, there is a chance that you will be able to stream Apple TV+ on your mobile device.

American Airlines Also Cancels Boeing 737 Max Flights Through November
Airlines in the United States who had been using the Boeing 737 Max for their flight operations have been forced to cancel thousands of flights in the coming months as the aircraft remains grounded. It has not been given the all-clear to fly as yet even as Boeing has made fixes to the issues that appear to have caused the two fatal crashes that led to the grounding. American Airlines […]

American Airlines To Start Offering Satellite WiFi Across Its Mainline Fleet
Usually when we’re in a plane, we lose all reception on our phones. However, depending on the flight and the airline company, sometimes there is the option to purchase onboard WiFi, usually at exorbitant prices. However, if you’re the type that must absolutely stay connected, you might be interested to learn that American Airlines has rolled out satellite-based broadband WiFi across its entire mainline narrowbody fleet of planes.

American Airlines Cancels 90 Flights Per Day Due To 737 Max 8 Grounding
Boeing’s latest 737 Max 8 jet has been grounded following two fatal accidents merely five months apart. It has only been a couple of years since the company started delivering this airplane to airlines across the globe but the entire fleet has now been grounded as investigations into both crashes continue. This has led to flight cancellations at airlines that were operating the 737 Max 8, including American Airlines. AA […]


Apple Music Users Can Stream Free Over Wi-Fi On American Airlines
Gone are the days where you would be cut off from the internet when flying on an airplane. Most major airlines have equipped their aircraft with in-flight Wi-Fi functionality, granted, it comes at a price. If you’d like to stream music via Apple Music while flying without having to pay for in-flight Wi-Fi, then book your next flight with American Airlines.

American Airlines Using CT Scanner To Screen Luggage At JFK
American Airlines has a new machine to screen your luggage at New York’s JFK airport. It’s working with the Transportation Security Administration to install this new bag-scanning machine at the airport. The machine uses the same technology that’s found in CT scanners. It thus provides a 3D image of the contents inside the bag. The new computed tomography or CT scanner will be installed at the Terminal 8 security checkpoint […]

American Airlines Doesn't Have Any Pilots For Christmas Because Of Computer Glitch
Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for all modes of travel. People just want to get to their destinations so that they can see their families over the holiday season. You can imagine that airlines particularly try to win over as much business as they possibly can over this busy season. It seems that American Airlines is out of luck this holiday season as a computer […]

American Airlines To Help Speed Up Airport Security Screening
It is no secret that the security lines at airports are getting longer, meaning that passengers will need to get to the airport way ahead of time if they hope to catch their flight. This is largely due to the fact that humans are still being used to screen passengers, meaning that sometimes they can work slowly.

American Airlines Links Up With ViaSat For In-flight Wi-Fi
American Airlines has decided against expanding Gogo’s reach as its in-flight Wi-Fi provider, choosing to go with ViaSat instead. The two companies have inked a deal which will see satellite-powered Wi-Fi coming to 100 American Airlines’ Boeing 737 MAX airplanes by September 2017. Gogo continues to be an in-flight Wi-Fi supplier for American on some of its other planes but ViaSat now has the bulk of its 737 MAX fleet.

American Airlines Flights Grounded Due To iPad Software Glitch
A few years ago, American Airlines announced that they would be replacing the flight bags of their pilots with iPads. They even released a video showing off how the entire setup would look like. Admittedly it look rather futuristic and showed that the iPad had a great deal of promise not just amongst consumers, but working professionals as well.However it seems that the reliance on the iPad does have some […]

Wearable World Invents: "The Connected Traveler" 6-7 June San Francisco
As you might recall, it was way back in 2013 that British Airways announced their own hackathon that would be taking place in the sky. Well it looks like American Airlines does not want them to steal all the fun and have recently announced their own hackathon. This hackathon will be taking place American Airlines’ new Airbus A321 Transcontinental flight.Those interested in participating in the hackathon can head on over […]

Girl Tweets Mock Threat At American Airlines, Gets Arrested
Airlines take security very seriously, even more so after 9/11. They certainly don’t take threats lightly, in fact, they report them to the FBI. That’s what American Airlines did when a 14-year old Dutch Twitter user fired a tweet to AA’s account, claiming she was from Afghanistan, a part of “Al Qaida” and that on “June 1st I’m gonna do something really big.” AA’s account promptly replied that they take these […]

American Airlines Passengers Can Now Use Personal Electronic Devices Gate-To-Gate
The FAA previously did not allow airlines to let passengers use their personal electronic devices during certain phases of the flight, such as takeoff, landing and taxiing. Many passengers, particularly frequent fliers, have been irked by this restriction. After receiving recommendations from a 28 member advisory panel, the FAA finally decided to lift these restrictions last week. American Airlines has now received approval from the FAA to allow its passengers […]

iPads Replace All 8000+ Pilots' Flight Bags On American Airlines
American Airlines has now become the first major commercial airline in the world to replace pilots' bulky flight bags with iPads. Back in May American Airlines had announced that all 8,600 pilots would be touting iPads by the end of the month.