Fruit Ninja plushiesAre you a fan of the hit fruit-slicing mobile game, Fruit Ninja? Don’t you wish you could slice fruits in real life – just like you do in the game? Sure, you could attempt to slice some fruits with a real knife/sword, but what if you don’t want the mess that comes with slicing up real fruit that’s in the air? I guess that’s where the brand new plushies from Halfbrick come in. Halfbrick, the developer of Fruit Ninja and ToyFoundry have come up with plushies based on the game, just in time for the holiday season.

Inspired by the game, the plushies feature the wise sensei and a sliced juicy watermelon. Now you can cut up a fruit without creating a mess. The Fruit Ninja plushies are now available for purchase and make excellent gifts – especially for Fruit Ninja fans. The wise sensei will set you back $15.99, while the sliced juicy watermelon will cost $14.99. However, you can pick both up for a slight discount at $29.99. Head over to the Fruit Ninja store to find out more.

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