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Classic Mobile Game ‘Fruit Ninja’ Transformed Into A Tabletop Game
Back in the day when smartphones were still relatively new, games back then were a lot simpler, and for the most part they were designed to show off and take advantage of touchscreens and the various sensors embedded in our devices. One of those games, which is still a classic, is Fruit Ninja.

New Line Secures The Rights For A ‘Fruit Ninja’ Movie
It seems that these days anything can be made into a movie. Back in the day when smartphones were still relatively new, games like Fruit Ninja was one of the big hitters in the mobile gaming scene, presumably because it demonstrated how games could really take advantage of a smartphone’s touchscreen display.

Fruit Ninja VR Arrives For The HTC Vive
Last month we reported that the virtual reality version of Fruit Ninja would be coming soon, and sure enough it has. For those who own the HTC Vive, you will be pleased to learn that Fruit Ninja VR has officially arrive for your headset. The game is currently available on Steam in the form of early access.

Fruit Ninja Will Be Slicing Its Way Into Virtual Reality
Fruit Ninja is one of the classic smartphone games that truly took advantage of the smartphone’s full touchscreen display. It has also evolved over the years and adapted to other platforms, like the Kinect where players could wave their hands around to slice fruit in the game, which we guess in all honesty seemed like a step away from today’s announcement.


Fruit Ninja Might Be Turned Into A Film
Angry Birds was one game that proved to be a phenomenal success – where theme parks were even opened under the franchise, and not to mention the recently released movie (in some parts of the world, of course). it looks as though Fruit Ninja is set to follow suit, with word of it being adapted into a live-action feature film.

Latest Fruit Ninja Update Brings It Back To Its Roots
Fruit Ninja was one of the early games for smartphones back in the day. It was released back in 2010 which means that it has been around and has been constantly updated for the past 5 years. Pretty impressive as far as mobile games are concerned as many games from back then have since been understandably abandoned.Fruit Ninja’s updates have increased the game’s features and complexity which we guess was […]

Fruit Ninja Turns Five, Updated With New Features
Just like how Angry Birds was one of the original games for smartphones that truly took advantage of what devices could offer back in the day, Halfbrick’s Fruit Ninja is also part of that bunch. The game took advantage of gestures on smartphones where players could swipe in order to cut fruit, get combos, and score as many points as possible.That being said, the studio has recently announced that the […]

Fruit Ninja Now Wants To Teach Kids Math
By now we’re sure pretty much most mobile users are familiar with Fruit Ninja. For those who aren’t, the title is a rather iconic one as it was one of the games released early into the iPhone’s launch that truly showed how gaming on touchscreen devices could be like. The game has managed to maintain its popularity over the years and now its developers at Halfbrick Studios are thinking about […]

Fruit Ninja Updated With Ghostbusters Theme
About two weeks ago, Halfbrick Studios released a massive update for Fruit Ninja. The game has been around for quite a while now and has been one of the quintessential games that gamers new to touchscreen devices had to play back in the day, so safe to the say the new update is a welcome change.However it looks like the game has received yet another update, and this time it […]

Sony Xperia Z3's Display Sensitivity Tested Using A Knife
Most of the time we think of displays as one and the same, save for different resolutions and the different colors its produces, however different OEMs use different displays, and some tend to be more responsive and sensitive than others. Well in a test to demonstrate just how sensitive the Sony Xperia Z3’s display is, a YouTuber has decided to play a round of Fruit Ninja using an actual blade […]

Fruit Ninja's Massive iOS And Android Update Has Been Released
If you have owned a smartphone for a while now, chances are games like Fruit Ninja are probably familiar to you as it was one of the first few touch-based games released back in the day. Safe to say that the Fruit Ninja franchise is a bit old, so you can imagine we were happy to hear that a major overhaul was in the works.The good news for Fruit Ninja […]

Major Fruit Ninja Update Promised For Next Month
Ask someone to list the most popular mobile games and there’s a good chance that Fruit Ninja will be in that list besides staples like Angry Birds and Candy Crush. Ever since the first version was released back in 2010 the game has been downloaded over 500 million times across all platforms its available on. The developer has said today that it has a major Fruit Ninja update up its sleeve which […]

Fruit Ninja Manages To Get A Magazine Of Their Own
We’re sure that many iOS/Android gamers out there play or have played Halfbrick Studios’ Fruit Ninja game at some point in time. While we admit the game is pretty fun and addicting at times, we’re not sure if there’s a need for a magazine dedicated to the game, but that’s what Titan Magazines has done. The company has published a Totally…Fruit Ninja Magazine which is part of its Totally… magazine […]

Play Fruit Ninja With A Real Knife On The Lumia 920
We do see some inspiring things on the Internet from time to time – a tale of heroic courage during times of disaster to a picture of a kitten that can just melt your heart with but a single glance. Well, Adrian Isén was inspired by a video that depicted how Fruit Ninja was played on an iPhone 5 with an actual knife. Yes sir, this is the stuff that […]