We all know how many gaming widows were produced since Skyrim was released for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms, and it goes to show what kind of stranglehold RPGs have on a large number of the gaming population. Well, here is news that there will be another RPG for you to kill time with – Game of Thrones. This particular title will feature new characters who might end up in the book series, while delivering a really intimate look at the world of Westeros. Cyanide Studio is the developer, having released a trailer on Game of Thrones today that might potentially erase the disappointment which accompanied Game of Thrones: Genesis.


You will play the roles of Mors Westfold and Alester Sarwyck, the two original characters who strangely enough, did not make an appearance in the novels. Mors is a sworn brother in the Night’s Watch, and Alester falls under the role of a Red Priest. Both of them will nudge the parallel storyline, where you will alternate between them from time to time. Expect Game of Thrones to arrive sometime next year.

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