I know we talked about the Magic Motion remote earlier this morning, but here is further information that might just whet your appetite. Officially known as the LG Magic Remote, this particular remote control will cater specially for LG’s range of Cinema 3D Smart TVs, where it attempts to maximize user convenience with a slew of functions, most notably Voice Recognition, Wheel, Magic Gesture and Pointing. What makes the LG Magic Remote stand out over conventional remote controls at a glance would be the push-buttons making up just a single dimension of the intuitive user experience. The implementation of voice recognition technology into Magic Remote would mean you are able to use voice commands to enter text, including search terms, to make the overall Smart TV browsing experience a whole lot faster and more natural.

There is the small matter of the Wheel which is located at the center of the Magic Remote, letting users swiftly scroll up and down different menus and apps, so that you are able to perform far quicker selections. Not only that, the Pointing function (formerly known as Point and Click), enables users to point the Magic Remote toward the TV screen, dragging the on-screen cursor in order to make a selection. Want to view movies in 3D? That’s a snap with the 3D button, where it 2D into 3D on the spot, and vice versa. [Press Release]

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