Now here is a car interface from Mitsubishi Electric that the Japanese company thinks could very well be the future of our dashboards, in as early as 10 years to boot! Known as the EMIRAI concept, it features a newly developed curved, rear-projection display which will function as the dashboard, not to mention a tactile interface complete with buttons that will pop up as and when required, in addition to a safety system that relies on biometrics for an added layer of security. Instead of using a flat LCD, rear projection is suggested to see action here, so that the display surface can be freely curved, resulting in a far more effective design. Apart from that, despite being a rear-projection display, it is still capable of supporting touch operation.

Another striking feature of the EMIRAI interface would be the steering wheel that contains shape-changing buttons, where those which can be interacted are raised, while the rest will remain retracted. This enables the entire interface to be a whole lot more intuitive, and you can also scroll by sliding your fingers over these 18-buttons.

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