morphex-hexapodWe love robots, and it is fair to say that the Morphex Hexapod caught our eyes right away. It can transform from a globe into a spider-like (ok, really maybe crab-like) Hexapod walking robot. It’s quite amazing to see this type of garage project, but beyond the technical feat, we really like the quality of the design which is always one of the most important factor for robot coolness. It’s very clean, elegant, and we were not surprised to learn that its creator, engineer Kåre Halvorsen, is from Norway… Nordic design is not just for furniture, we can vouch for that.


There is a site that describes how the robot was built, if you are curious. It’s quite fascinating (especially when you see where he got the “globe” plastic from…), and we can’t wait to see what else Kåre Halvorsen will come up with. Video in the full post…

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