My6Sense Smart MagazineNews magazines for tablets have recently been a hot topic, following the success of Flipboard, internet giants AOL, Google and Yahoo have launched their own digital news magazines, namely Editions, Currents and LiveStand.

Today, My6Sense launched its Smart Magazine for Windows Phone 7.5 and Android, leveraging its “digital intuition” engine used in its original smart news reader application. After a few days of using Smart Magazine, the application will learn your interests and news consumption behaviors and automatically filter the most relevant articles and topics to the top.

Facebook and Twitter feeds turned into a smart and gorgeous magazine

The most amazing feature is probably what the app does with your Twitter feed, it only shows Tweets with content (with articles URLs) and displays the picture related to the article, additionally, you see the tweet’s source profile thumbnail. The result is a highly visual and beautifully designed filtered Twitter feed page that is easy to navigate, thanks to smartphones and tablets touch interface! (see picture above)

Setting up Smart Magazine is easy: you just have to select pre-set streams categorized by topics directly  from the application, and you can also add your Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader streams.

The Android version is available to download only from ‘Samsung apps’ for the first 3 months, so the Android version is in fact only available on the Samsung  tablets and smartphones for the next 3 months. It is interesting to note that for once iOS is not the preferred launch platform for a mobile app.

left: the set-up page - right: you can also navigate horizontally

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