Articles about application Moves Out Of Beta After 2M Downloads
It has taken more than a couple of million downloads of, where this particular app will finally move out of beta, and is finally available as a full app in the form of its Android launcher. Apart from that, the new full app will also come with a slew of new contextual features, including a new design and a new launcher name, no surprises that it is called […]

Replay for iOS Makes Cool Videos Automatically in Seconds
Replay is a new application that allows iPhone owners to create automatically compelling videos using the photos and the video clips stored in the gallery.When Jeff Boudier, co-founder, Stupeflix, the company behind Replay, showed me a demo a month ago, I was amazed by the results and the speed of the application: within seconds, I could watch a short video of his vacations with a vintage filter and a soundtrack, […]

[CES 2013] YouTube Expanding Send-To-TV Feature To LG, Panasonic, Sony Smart TVs
This past November, Google announced an update to its YouTube Android app that would allow users to stream videos from their mobile device to their Google TV device, adding a new layer of connectivity between your smartphone and TV. Not only that, but it also made it possible for multiple users to add videos to a queue which allows for everyone to get a chance to show off their favorite […]

Dijit NextGuide Update
Dijit NextGuide, the “hyper-personalized” TV guide for the iPad , was launched a couple of months ago and today the company rolled out a few new features to improve the user experience.According to the compnay, The guide works with traditional digital TV providers like Direct TV (including DVR interaction), but also with online video services like Netflix, and most recently with Amazon Instant Video and Prime Instant video. It basically unifies the web […]


Pearltrees 1.0 offers Pearltrees Premium with privacy features
We have published several times about Pearltrees private and public beta version on the web, its updates and the launch of the mobile versions for iPad and iPhone.Pearltrees is a collaborative and visual curation tool that allows users to organize and discover online content.Today, Pearltrees launches its 1.0 version with Pearltrees Premium, with a membership fee of $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year that gives access to privacy settings. Before, […]

BlipBoard: Twitter Meets Foursquare
[DEMO Fall 2012] Today, BlipBoard for iPhone was launched at DEMO Fall, the application acts like a social map, where people can access information and alerts in real time about what is happening nearby.Users can tune in to people and places and get instant information about events, happy hours, restaurant specials and many other happenings posted by people and venues around the city. It looks like one of the key […]

Pearltrees for iPhone
I have written about Pearltrees since the web application was in private beta back in April 2009, before the official launch in late 2009. To date, the free service counts more than 500,000 contributors and more than 25 million pearls.Although I am not an avid user, however I love its aesthetics and the ease of use of its graphic interface. Content curation is a trending topic in the internet industry […]

UXPin Offers Better Collaboration in UX Design Process
 I met Marcin Tredder and Kamil Zięba , co-founders, UXPin, when they came to visit some of their top customers in the Silicon Valley. UXPin is a new kind of wireframing tool that includes a prototyping paper notepad with sticky notes and a web application, WebKit for designing websites and Mobile Kit for designing iPhone apps. The paper prototype is effectively converted into a digital version by simply taking a […]

Tingle: Mobile Dating App To Launch in The US
Tingle is a popular iPhone dating application in Canada that combines realtime voice chat, location-based discovery, and online matchmaking features. Location-based dating service are more common right now, one good example is Skout.According to the developer, Tingle offers enhanced safety  features such as free Voice Chat over 3g or WiFi that prevents the need to exchange phone number s and location-based spontaneous discoveries without revealing users’ specific location data to […]

My6Sense Launches Smart Magazine
News magazines for tablets have recently been a hot topic, following the success of Flipboard, internet giants AOL, Google and Yahoo have launched their own digital news magazines, namely Editions, Currents and LiveStand.Today, My6Sense launched its Smart Magazine for Windows Phone 7.5 and Android, leveraging its “digital intuition” engine used in its original smart news reader application. After a few days of using Smart Magazine, the application will learn your […]

YouSendit: New Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac
I have been using YouSendit for a while now, for sending very large files (up to 2 GB!) over the internet when my email client could not handle it. The key feature is the ability to send files very quickly without login in – there is a 50 MB limit for the free version and you can only send one file or zip folder at a time.In July, the company […]

Nine Connections: Smart News Delivery Application - Private Beta
Content curation and news reader applications are created by the dozen every day, to address the need of filtering online content in a better way that what Google can offer.Knowing that humans are smart in part because they are lazy, creating automated systems to push the most targeted content to internet users is also the key for a news application to succeed. Additionally, people are starting to consume content and […]

Podio Launches Employee Network
Podio, a very smart, easy to use and easy to customize collaboration platform, is adding a cool feature to its already successful application: the Employee Network.Podio offers standard business applications for project management, CRM, accounting, HR, and enables users to easily build or customize any apps according to their specific need. Across all apps, there is a collaboration layer that allows people to rapidly exchange information and crowd source various […]

Translator app avoids miscommunication when ordering food
Going for a holiday in some fancy, faraway country where the language is very, very different, and English is not widely spoken can be fun, although when it comes to ordering food at a restaurant, things might end up getting complicated – especially when you do not have a local to guide you through the nuances. Thank goodness for technology – this particular translator app is able to enable both […]

Dijit 2.6: TV Remote Control on iOS Now with Youtube
Dijit is the free iOS application that works with the Beacon from Griffin. The Beacon converts the Bluetooth signals of your iPhone into an infra-red signals used to control various audio-video (AV) devices, you will need to download the free Dijit app to remote control your TV, VCR, set-top box, sound system, media player…Today, Dijit 2.6 is available in the Apple app store and offers new cool features including the […]

Moby: Private Location Sharing App with Battery Life Optimization
Moby is Foursquare or Google Latitude for families: it is a totally private location-sharing service. Parents can see where their kids are (in real-time) on a map, and the alert button allows users to request help with a quick tap. The app will then send notifications to pre-determined contacts regarding the users’ location and need for assistance. This service is useful for coordinating friends or family meet-ups and for ensuring […]

Webcam Social Shopper: Augmented Reality Dressing Room
[DEMO Spring 2011] Webcam Social Shopper by Zugara is the second product launched at DEMO featuring a virtual fitting room using augmented reality, and this one won a DEMOgod Award. However, like many people I talked to at the conference, I think Swivel has a better rendering, offers more accessories choices and a better accuracy when it comes to fit a piece of clothing on the body. The added value […]

AboutOne: Family and Household Management Application
[DEMO 2011] allows busy people to manage their family activities, memories and finances under one roof. The press release states that AboutOne si geared towards moms but I can imagine dads could use it, just like moms, they have a family to take care of as well … From the home page (picture above, you can access several sections: address book, family, education, health and homes. The family section […]

FacePlant app makes it easier to carry out iPhone 4 video chats
As we saw our recent review, Facetime is bringing the fun to video calls because it works well enough, the quality is decent – if you find a WIFI hotspot. If you own an iPhone, it’s impossible to tell who has a FaceTime compatible device and who doesn’t. That’s where FacePlant comes in. The FacePlant app aims to make life easier since it shows users which of their contacts can […]

MightyMeeting: Share Presentations over iPhone and iPad
[DEMO Spring 2010] MightyMeeting launched its application for iPad at DEMO last week, it allows users to start or join Web meetings, show presentation and share content, directly from their mobile phones or their iPads. The MightyMeeting native application runs on the iPhone OS, so it can be used on an iPhone, iPodTouch and iPad, additionally, there is a lightweight HTML-only client that can be used from any device with […]