Once in a while, some obscure hardware manufacturer from China will come up with a rather interesting proposition in terms of a gadget – and the latest company to do so would be Pennda, where they will be headed for CES in Las Vegas next year. The Pennda P9, as you can see above, is a home phone of sorts, complete with an intuitive touchscreen interface that ought to be easily figured out by even the least tech savvy person in your home. You will be able to set up the Pennda P9 to gain access to your enterprise contacts, connect to your e-mail inbox, send instant messages to your mates, and even browse the Internet thanks to the built-in browser. Heck, if you want to run your favorite Android apps, you’re free to do so as well, making this look more and more like an office tool than to have it reside in your home. I do wonder just how much it will cost when it finally arrives – hopefully it would have hit the FCC before January next year!

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