According to Samsung Australia’s mobile chief, the court case that is happening globally with Apple is doing far more good than harm to the South Korean company, where it raised the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s profile to that of a “household name” within a short period of time, potentially making it one of the best “advertising channels” for Samsung compared to going through an ad agency. It must also be said that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be hitting stores in Australia sometime this week after a Sydney court decided to deny Apple’s appeal request to reverse the ban on sales of the Gaalaxy Tab 10.1.

To quote McGee, “At the end of the day the media awareness certainly made the Galaxy Tab 10.1 a household name compared to probably what it would’ve been based on the investment that we would’ve put into it from a marketing perspective.” This will see Samsung do as much as possible within their power to bring in the maximum number of Galaxy Tab 10.1 units, hoping to see short supply in the face of high demand. This is definitely one of the less conventional methods to market your device, and it is not advisable to take a similar route all the time.

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