SnapKeys 2iRemember the magical typing interface that was introduced back in February, the Snapkeys 2i? Well, it’s been almost one year since we heard about it, but now it looks like it’s almost ready for primetime. Snapkeys announced today that at CES 2012, it will be giving the public a taste of its 2i typing interface with an app that visitors can try out.

In case you forgot about the Snapkeys 2i (invisible interface), it is designed to be an alternative to the QWERTY keyboard that is used on mobile devices today. Instead of hunting and pecking for the correct letters on a squashed keyboard on your phone – 2i will let you type with ease – provided you learn how to enter words using its 4 key interface. Check out a video promo or head over the toe Snapkeys website to find out more about 2i.

[Press Release]

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