SnapKeys 2i

The magical text input solution known as SnapKeys 2i was reported about last month. Not many details were given then, leading a lot of people to believe that it 2i was a trick or some sort of hoax. Well, at the CTIA this week, SnapKeys have announced that they will be unveiling to the world how the 2i works. What was once a mysterious website has now been updated to show off how 2i works, and after watching the video explanation – it’s not so magical anymore, but the idea behind how it works is pretty amazing. The keyboard is divided into 4 buttons, with each button representing a type of character. It then uses clever algorithms and comprehensive dictionaries, to guess the words you are entering. With a touted 99% accuracy for advanced users it enables people to type extremely fast, and it’s low learning curve means that even 5th graders have no trouble using it. Head over to the SnapKeys website to find out more about the technology behind 2i. They keyboard will be arriving on Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices, though it wasn’t mentioned when or how much it would cost.

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