All 5 senses are equally important, and if you were to ask me to lose just one, I would have a real hard time trying to choose. How about you? The Sound Perfume is an interesting concept, as it is more or less a ringtone for your nose. Yes, you might take some time getting used to the idea, but a bunch of boffins over at the Keio University in Tokyo have managed to cobble together a system which enables one to identify themselves using unique smells and sounds. A nose-based calling card, if you will. How does the Sound Perfume work? For starters, it will comprise of a pair of glasses that have been specially fitted with speakers as well as odor emitters located right behind the ears. There will be an app which runs on a smartphone, where it will hook up to the glasses using Bluetooth connectivity. Whenever you use the app to pick a personal sound and smell, others who meet you will experience those – letting you walk around and identifying others through your sense of smell, getting all feral, if you will. I guess this is a semblance of how Wolverine and Sabertooth “see” through their noses, no?

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