When it comes to competitive swimming, all swimmers have every intention to finish first within the fastest time that is humanly possible, but what happens when you have the help of technology aiding your cause? Speedo, with their Fastskin3 swimsuit, cap and googles, have been touted to be the most streamlined to date. It seems that Speedo actually invested four whole years of work as well as 55,000 man hours to roll out the Fastskin3, touting a whopping 16.6% reduction in full body passive drag, making it the biggest advance in swimwear design ever since the International Swimming Federation decided to call it a day for polyurethane body suits a couple of years back – which ironically, were developed by Speedo as well in their need for speed.

The Fastskin3 swimsuit will result in less bubble generation while one is cutting through the water with each powerful stroke, and you as a spectator will be able to see water separating from different parts of the body that you’ve never seen it separate from before. I guess we will only have to take his word for it, and hopefully at the summer Olympics next year, the Fastskin3 will aid Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, Natalie Coughlin and other American swimmers to break even more world records.

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