The world of SSD is a strangely unexciting one, except perhaps to enthusiasts and those who love building computers from scratch, and here is another SSD option for you to consider if you are about to construct a new rig for Christmas – the ultra-portable Storage POD Mini. This portable USB 3.0 SSD will come encased in a blue anodized, all-aluminum enclosure, where that makes it not only lightweight but rugged as well – measuring a rather diminutive 110mm x 68mm x 10 mm. Capable of touching a top speed of more than 260MB/s on paper, the real world performance is what makes the Storage POD Mini SSD a real gem. It basically compresses data in real-time, as it writes and decompresses data as it reads. This basically means you are, theoretically, able to stash more stuff than normal, while enjoying a more efficient data transfer process.

To make life easier, Super Talent has thrown in a One-Touch Backup button which will launch the backup routine that plays nice with numerous machines. All you need to do is give that button a push, and it will start to back up all the designated data areas. You will be able to choose from 60GB, 120GB and 240GB capacities, although pricing details have yet to be mentioned.

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