Unless your other half is also an avid gamer, in these moments of economic hardship, it would make perfect sense not to splurge money unnecessarily, and to purchase an arcade cabinet to have it placed in your living room is something that some of us can only dream of. I guess this is where being single has its fair share of advantages, and assuming you have anywhere from $3,150 to $5,500 to spare, then you might want to look into the Surface Tension Arcade Tables. These are no ordinary coffee tables, and as the name suggests, it will feature hidden controls and LCD displays that will remain hidden until you fire it up. Since you are already paying a king’s ransom for this, it makes perfect sense, too, that you can have your say over the choice of finishes, optional integrated Sonos Zoneplayers, and retro-style arcade buttons, joysticks, trackballs. Playing Pac-Man or Asteroids would never get any classier than this, really.

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