Open source software has its fair share of strengths, where someone or a group with a common vision and purpose, coupled with knowledge and the relevant technical know-how, are able to conjure up something magical – case in point, the Texting Glove that you see above. This unique device was developed by Oleg Imanilov, Tomer Daniel and Zvika Markfeld, where it literally transforms sign language into text on your Android-powered device, thanks to the help of a gyroscope, an ADK Board, Lilypad Arduino, finger sensors, and an accelerometer. Of course, hopefully the Texting Glove is sensitive enough to work with the software for super fast signage – after all, you don’t sign out individual letters but rather in words, so here is to the software being able to keep up. Alternatively, I would presume that the hearing impaired can always rely on standard text messages to get their, er, message across.

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