I recently stumbled into a hiking apparel and equipment store, and just like IKEA, plenty of items in there were flat packed – and for good reason, too. After all, you want to carry as many essential things as possible without weighing you down, especially when the nearest sign of civilization is going to be miles away, no? I’ve always thought that folding my shoes would tend to have the area where the shoe’s sole is folded ending up cracked, but the magical adventurers at Timberland have other ideas – with their $65 Timberland shoes which can be folded in half, and get this, zipped as well.

Yes sir, packing in an extra pair of shoes is always worth checking out, as you can never tell when you might actually wet your current pair, and since this extra pair is folded up in half, it is not bulky, nor is it heavy. The Timberland Men’s Radler Trail Camp shoes will come with a tiny rubber pouch which that takes up only half the space of a regular shoe, and it sure beats getting around barefoot on the Alps. Perhaps Frodo and Sam would have completed their task sooner if they had this, instead of carrying around lembas bread.

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