Can you believe it, the year has passed by so fast that the great consumer electronics show, CES 2012, will soon be upon us before we know it. Make no mistake about it, we will be there to cover all the latest and greatest gadgets, and hopefully will carve out the time to check out Ultra-D technology from Stream TV Networks. Just what does Ultra-D technology offer? It is touted to be a next generation 3D without glasses display technology which will surpass all 3D viewing experiences which are available to the masses to date.

Just in case Stream TV Networks sounds familiar to you, that is because they are the ones behind the eLocity brand of tablets which first rolled out last year. Ultra-D technology seems at first to be something that is removed from the world of tablets, although who are we to say that stereoscopic 3D-capable tablets are not in the pipeline or part of a secret project from one of the manufacturers? I digress – Ultra-D technology will rely on custom hardware, middleware techniques and software algorithms in order to deliver unprecedented autostereoscopic 3D imagery, all without the need to wear any glasses, dorky looking or otherwise.

It is said that the Ultra-D brand will comprise of a wide range of 3D-enabling products, where among them include TVs, converter boxes, tablets, desktop All-in-One PCs, gaming consoles, notebooks, digital signages, smartphones and digital picture frames. [Press Release]

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