We have heard our fair share of news about Google Wallet including Google themselves confirming that the Galaxy Nexus will not be receiving the Google Wallet service at all. Well, it seems that Google is not the only one, as Verizon Wireless too, will be blocking the new Galaxy Nexus from carrying the Google Wallet service, which means the smartphone will not have a chance to establish itself as a credit card of the future. The main reason for Verizon’s action in doing so would be because they want to guarantee that they can offer “the best security and user experience” – not to mention the fact that Verizon as well as bitter rivals AT&T and T-Mobile USA are also part of a consortium known as ISIS, where they are working on their own payment system.

What do you think about this move – will it benefit Verizon in the long run, and how else do you see Google will work to make sure that Google Wallet ends up being secure and easy to use for the masses down the road?

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