Amazon Web Services has reportedly rolled out a public beta test of AWS Storage Gateway, where it enables enterprises to back up application data in Amazon’s cloud via a software appliance. The Storage Gateway appliance is more or less a virtual machine which will run on VMware’s virtualization software, where an iSCSI interface will see action when integrating with applications. The appliance itself will stash data on local storage hardware, at the same time upload backup snapshots to Amazon’s cloud, resulting in low-latency access to data as well as off-site backups that are in the cloud itself.


Here is another bit of good news for those who stash data away like how China has US dollars in their reserves – there is virtually no limit to how much storage a single gateway is able to upload to Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service). Individual gateways, however, are able to handle up to 12TB of local storage, and up to a dozen storage volumes.

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