[CES 2012] When we talk about monitors, they tend to draw their juice from the computer’s power supply in most desktop configurations, but here is AOC’s offering that takes a different route. The AOC USB LED monitor will receive power as well as signal through a solitary USB connection, which means you need not worry about having another cable to tangle around with whenever you want to do spring cleaning around your desktop. This energy-efficient 22″ USB Monitor, also known as the e2251Fwu, aims to function as a secondary monitor, in order to increase one’s productivity.

Whether you are using the e2251Fwu for business, gaming or entertainment, it is still capable of delivering excellent image quality. Those who are headed over to CES 2012 can always check it out at the Bellagio, while others who have enough faith in what AOC churns out can always wait until February rolls around the corner, where you will fork out $199 for this puppy. Environmentalists might be interested in this AOC offering as well since it is manufactured from recycled materials. Additional hardware specifications include a 250cd brightness, 20,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and a 5ms response time. [Press Release]

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