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AOC Unveils New Monitor With FreeSync 2 Support
Earlier this month the folks at AOC unveiled a new ultrawide gaming monitor with support for NVIDIA’s G-Sync. No doubt this is great news for those with NVIDIA gaming rigs, but what if you’re more of an AMD gamer? Not to worry because AOC has since launched a new monitor with support for AMD’s FreeSync 2 tech.

AOC's 24-inch Monitor Comes With Built-In Onkyo Speakers
Usually when it comes to speakers, most people prefer having a separate set of speakers, as opposed to using the ones built into some monitors. This is because with separate speakers, they can choose the type of quality they want, like whether they’d rather pay for high-end speakers, or just want something cheap.That being said, AOC has announced a new 24-inch monitor that will aim to satisfy users who want […]

AOC Launches 24-inch Gaming Monitor With 1ms Response Time
When it comes to gaming, there are some gamers who are really particular about the type of monitors that they use. For example some gamers might prefer monitors with extremely thin bezels. Some might prefer matte displays while others prefer glossy, some also take an issue with monitor response times and only go for those that have 1ms response times.If that describes you or someone you know, you might be […]

AOC e1659Fwu USB-Powered Lightweight Display Improves On The Original
AOC introduced a USB monitor a few years ago which was lightweight and featured a built-in USB port that would both receive power and its signal through the use of plug-and-play. It now looks like AOC is releasing a brand-new USB-powered monitor, but instead of being a full-fledged display, the company has made it more of a secondary display.The AOC e1659Fwu features a 16-inch 1366 x 768 resolution display and a […]


AOC Q2963PM Widescreen HD Monitor
AOC has just announced their new 29” monitor that has been dubbed the Q2963PM, where this particular monitor will come in a 21:9 aspect ratio (that’s super wide according to some folks), sporting a combination of IPS LED technology alongside convenient connectivity in order to deliver a cinematic display experience right in front of you on the work desk. The Q2963PM will come with a pair of 3 Watt enclosed […]

AOC Borderless i2367fh 23-inch Monitor
AOC has just announced the availability of their i2367fh borderless 23-inch monitor, where at first glance above, it looks as though we are having a gander at a Photoshop job – which obviously isn’t of course. The AOC i2367fh will boast Advanced High-Performance In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology as well as 50,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio which is said to deliver enhanced picture quality, higher definition, better color accuracy and greater light […]

AOC announces 27" i2757fh "borderless" monitor
The great thing about monitors or televisions which are “borderless” is that they give the illusion that the screen is bigger than it actually is. If you’re in the market for such a device, it seems that the folks at AOC have announced their own “borderless” monitor, the 27” i2757fh (pictured above). As you can see in the photo, the monitor has a border although with a bezel of 2mm […]

AOC Aire iPlay 23" monitor with iPhone/iPod dock now available for purchase
Earlier this year at CES 2012, AOC took the wraps off their Aire iPlay which by all accounts looked like your standard fare monitor, with the main difference being that it came with a iPod/iPhone docking station built into the display itself. This meant that users would be able to charge their iOS devices while keeping it in front of them during computer use so that calls, messages, emails and […]

AOC 22-inch USB-powered HD display is now available for purchase
USB-powered secondary monitors are not new to the market, but neither have they taken off in a big way, either. However, have you ever entertained the thought of a USB-powered monitor as your main digital work area? AOC has ventured into this niche with their 22″ USB-powered HD display, otherwise known as model e2251Fwu. This is an extremely slim display from AOC, but despite packing in such a design, it […]

AOC e2352Phz flicker-free 3D monitor
So your neighbor just got a new 3D monitor, and was showing it off to you the other day. You managed to keep the green-eyed monster at bay in this game of one upmanship, but deep down inside, you were already plotting your revenge. Well, your moment has arrived in the form of the AOC e2352Phz, which is touted to be a flicker-free 3D monitor that delivers 23″ of viewing […]

AOC USB LED monitor
[CES 2012] When we talk about monitors, they tend to draw their juice from the computer’s power supply in most desktop configurations, but here is AOC’s offering that takes a different route. The AOC USB LED monitor will receive power as well as signal through a solitary USB connection, which means you need not worry about having another cable to tangle around with whenever you want to do spring cleaning […]

AOC e2343Fi display features an iOS dock
If you’re looking for a display that can play videos from your iOS device without the hassle of having to use an Apple TV or an additional HDMI output cable, AOC has got the product just for you. Called the AOC e2343Fi, this newly launched display comes with an iOS dock which you can simply plug in your iPhone or iPod touch to stream content from the phone onto it. […]

AOC launches 23" Aire Pro IPS monitor
Looking for a new monitor? If you are, AOC has just launched their ultra-slim Aire Pro monitor which is a monitor you may want to take a look at. AOC is boasting that the Aire Pro will feature one of the world’s slimmest display panels, and will feature a sleek brushed aluminum finish which gives it a somewhat elegant look.

AOC introduces portable USB Monitor
Love the portability of your laptop but just wish you had some extra real estate to work with? Sure, you could always connect it to an external display, but seeing how bulky and huge current monitors are – would you like to carry them around with you as well? AOC, a company that specializes in computer monitors has announced the launch of a new solution for folks always on the […]

AOC tablet arrives at the FCC
AOC is more noted for their range of LCD monitors and LCD TVs that are easy on the wallet without sacrificing too much on performance, and their latest FCC filing has hints of the company making their way to the Android tablet market as well. The filing shows off the AOC tablet, picking up the FCC’s approval for both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities, sporting an 8″ touchscreen display with […]

AOC Breeze Sub-$200 8-inch Android Tablet
[CES 2011] AOC, a company that usually makes displays is jumping into the Android Tablet market with a sub-$200 8″ Android Tablet. Sub-$200? Yes, that’s correct, but what’s inside for such a low price? Let’s take a closer look: The display resolution is 800×600 pixels, which is not really “high -resolution” by today’s standards, but that should be just enough (although tight) to browse the web, and read eBooks. It […]

AOC Unveils 0.5-inch Thin LED Razor Displays
If thin LCD displays are your thing, you’ll be drooling over the six models of Razor LCD displays from AOC with sizes ranging from 18.5-inch to 23-inches. All the displays offer a 16:9 aspect ratio and LED backlighting, not to mention touch-sensitive keys instead of your standard buttons. Technical specifications include a dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000,000:1 and a 5ms response time. A rather interesting feature is the ability of […]

AOC V27m 27-inch Full HD Monitor On Its Way
AOC Europe is planning to introduce a 27-inch LCD sometime next month it seems, and considering the popularity of high definition, it’s no surprise to see that this monitor, the AOC V27m, will support a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The display itself is only 28mm thick, and offers a 5ms response time, dynamic contrast ratio of 60,000:1 and has built-in 2W speakers. Pricing information isn’t available just […]