Apple logoIf you’ve ever wanted to know how valuable Apple is, Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2011 report which was released by Bloomberg today should give you an idea. According to the list, Apple has just broken into the top 10 by jumping 9 spots in 2011 to number 8. The creator of the popular iPhone and iPad increased its value by 58% last year – and now has an estimated value of $33.492 billion. This puts Apple above companies like Disney ($29.018 billion) and Toyota ($27.764 billion), talk about impressive.

The other companies in the top 7 retained their positions, with Coca-Cola still at number 1 ($71.861 billion), IBM at number 2 ($69.905 billion), Microsoft at number 3 ($59.087 billion), Google at number 4 ($55.317) and Intel at number 7 ($35.217 billion). Other related entries in the list include Samsung at number 17, BlackBerry 56 and HTC a new entry at 98. Since it’s only the beginning of the year, it’s too early to tell what’s going to happen, but if things go well for Apple it will probably continue rising in 2012.


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