BRICK Concept PhoneIf you’re looking for a new concept phone that probably won’t be made anytime soon but would be a cool prop to use in a movie, this BRICK Concept phone by designers Shaocheng Huang & Yuyin Huang would certainly fit the bill. Consisting of a transparent display, framed by some metal, the phone is designed to help make life easier. People can use the phone as a regular smartphone or take advantage of its onboard camera for a lot of functions.


It can be used to snap photographs or even function as a magnifying glass or text translator. No idea on the technology that will be used to carry out those functions but hey – this is a concept design after all. The phone can also wirelessly hook up with a larger TV or monitor to output whatever is on the phone’s display, which should make working with the device easier. Check out a video demonstration below to see it in action:

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