One of the problems of carrying your headphones with you when you’re out would be stowing them away. Unless you have a bag with you that you can put your headphones in, chances are you’ll probably just end up wrapping your headphones around your phone/media player and stowing it away in your pocket. This could potentially damage the headphones’ internal wiring and could possibly cause a loose connection and render your headphones useless. Lee Sanghwa, the designer behind the Bumper Sound concept is looking to change that.


What he has done here was to combine a phone casing and earphones together, which when not in use can be stowed away in the bumper portion of the casing, as pictured above. This would allow users to stow away their headphones when not in use without unnecessary protrusions and without any unnecessary bulk/bulge when placed into pockets. Given that there are several headphone companies out there utilizing the flat cable design (Monster being one of the more prominent ones), it would not be a stretch of the imagination to see such a concept being made into a reality. What do you guys think? Is the Bumper Sound a phone casing you might be interested in?

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