Multitouch GlobeIf you’re bored of large, flat, touchscreen displays, the folks over at DISPLAX have got something for you: a Multitouch Globe. Just like its name describes – it is a huge multitouch surface that is in the shape of a globe. The Multitouch Globe has a diameter of 1 meter (40 feet), and supports multiple touch points. Users interact with it just like they would interact with any other multitouch display, with the added benefit of a more natural feel when it comes to certain implementations i.e. looking at a map of the world.


Content is displayed using a projector and a special fish-eye lens to adapt the projection to the spherical surface. The Multitouch Globe is intended for use in industries like Geographical Information Systems, museums, TV networks, visitor attractions, and entertainment facilities. Check out a video demonstration showing the Multitouch Globe in action:


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